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Conventional thinking in publishing has long been that if an author were to publish more than one book a year s/he would be competing with her/himself.

Obviously there are a large number of writers who are capable of producing more than one book a year. As well, an audience exists for this work. Stephen King is the latest, most notable, example, with his Richard Bachman books.

I decided to create Katharine Marlowe for several reasons; the first was that my daughter was starting college and I wanted to generate additional income to cover the costs; the second was that, at that point, I was able without difficulty to write two books in a year.

Ironically, the Marlowe books received universally glowing reviews--better than the books penned under my own name receive, even though they are not substantially different.

I wrote three books under this pseudonym before I ran out of steam and out of publishers. And since I am no longer able to produce more than a book a year, Katharine has moved into the rocker on the front porch of the retirement home.

Several reviews of the three books are among the reviews on this site.

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