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Picture of book jacket for Life on Venus Ave.

Ziggy Lorenc has worked in television for sixteen years. She has hosted the shows Mushmusic and Life on Venus Ave. on Citytv, and has been a VeeJay on MuchMusic. Currently, she interviews writers on her show Ziggy, on Bravo!

Now, in her first published book, we are introduced to another dimension of a truly original woman: Ziggy, the writer. With humour, sensitivity, and insight she takes us into her two worlds: that of television, and that of the real woman. The reader is given a rare opportunity to share Ziggy's thoughts while interviewing a difficult subject, or an especially pleasurable one. Her observations on life, on the treacherous path of love, and on the sometime lunacy of being an utterly unaffected person who just happens to be very much in the public eye make for delightful reading.

Welcome to the little pink house on Venus Ave. You'll find that it's a charming, quite unexpected place.

Forthcoming Fall, 1997

To learn more about Ziggy go to the Bravo! web site