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In 1997 I decided to start my own publishing company. It has, despite some serious learning issues, proved to be a good idea. Primarily, because I owned the rights to most of my books, it has enabled me to start reissuing them--both for the library market, and through Lightning Source (a division of Ingram Books, America's largest book wholesaler.) Lightning Source keeps digital files of books and is able to print on demand: an order comes in through Ingram; it is passed along to Lighting Print, the book is printed in (literally) only a few minutes, and it's ready to ship.

To date, twenty-six titles have been reissued. This means that every one of my books is now available for purchase on this site. It also means that as long as I pay the annual "filing" fee, the books can stay in print indefinitely. Simply astonishing techology.

Some of my loftier ideas for my publishing company have failed to bear fruit, but such is the way of all ventures. You try; sometimes you succeed, sometimes you've got to travel along a completely unexpected road. Now that the reissue titles have been completed, I'll see what comes next. But wherever the road leads, it has definitely not been boring.

My gratitude goes, as always, to my readers--so many of whom have become friends over the years.

Charlotte Vale-Allen

August 1999